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6 foods to eat in Vilnius

1) Vedarai

In all the places in the city you will find Vedarai, one of the most loved traditional dishes in Lithuania. It is a minced potato sausage stuffed with pork intestines: a very tasty dish, usually served together with fresh vegetables or mashed potatoes.

  • Recommended at: lunch, dinner
  • Average cost: €4.00 - €6.00
  • Main ingredients: potatoes, barley, sour cream, pork

2) Cepelinai

Among the typical Lithuanian dishes, one of the tastiest is certainly the cepelinai, large potato dumplings with a meat or cheese-based filling, served with a sour cream-based sauce, and accompanied by bacon or mushrooms.

  • Recommended at: lunch, dinner
  • Average cost: €6.00 - €7.00
  • Main ingredients: potatoes, meat, cheese, sour cream

3) Kibinai

Kibinai are the typical dish of the Trakai region, and it is a sort of puff pastry panzerotto, filled with minced meat and various flavourings, but there are also several vegetarian versions, among the tastiest the one based on cheese and mushrooms. You can find them in practically every restaurant in the city.

  • Recommended for: lunch, dinner
  • Average cost: €2.00 - €3.00
  • Main ingredients: puff pastry, minced meat, spices, cheese, mushrooms

4) Kepta Duona

One of the classic appetizers to accompany beer is the Kepta Duona, strips of black rye bread with garlic and fried, usually accompanied by cheeses.

  • Recommended at: snack
  • Average cost: €2.00
  • Main ingredients: fried bread, garlic, cheese

5) Spurgos

As for desserts, one of the typical dishes that you must definitely try are the spurgos, similar to pancakes served with jam or varške (a cheese similar to our ricotta), to be eaten hot.

-Recommended at: breakfast, snack
-Average cost: €2.00 - €3.00
-Main ingredients: flour, milk, eggs, jam, varške

6) Sakotis

Another typical dessert of the Lithuanian tradition, of Polish origin, is šakotis, whose consistency recalls that of a biscuit, and is characterized by its rather particular shape, which recalls that of a fir (its name in fact means "tree with many branches"). These are those desserts called spit cakes, a variety of European desserts made in the same way: layers of dough are gradually wrapped around a cylindrical tool and cooked on a spit.

-Recommended at: breakfast, snack
-Average cost: €3.00
-Main ingredients: eggs, sugar, flour, cream